Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Cloth Sanitary Pads and the Media!

Today I stumbled across a wonderful news article regarding CSP, and from a mainstream newspaper no less! The Telegraph published this article today, and I think it's fantastic. I use resuable menstrual products myself, and I have done since I had Indy. Once the CSP bug really 'bit' I started making my own, preferring to add as many absorbant layers as I felt comfortable with, tinkering with the length til I felt confident, altering the snaps til I felt my CSP didn't budge when I walked. I now use a ready-made pattern, as I finally found one commercially available that I loved. I now sell the CSP that I make, finding great pride in spreading the reusable joy. (In case you wanted to find where to buy them, my page is Silly Panda Nappy Co.

I agree with the article, I too find them to be far more comfortable than the great wodges of sweaty, crinkly plastic I used to stick to my knickers. Gone are the embarrassing rustles in the public toilets, the tell-tale clank of the sanitary pad bin. Hello to soft, dry, pretty periods, with sleek designs and reassuring sturdy poppers. I almost get the urge to show them off at every opportunity. Almost. Instead I spend hours in my sewing room, Indy playing nicely (hahaha) in his bedroom next to me, whipping up another batch of pretty pads, occasionally stopping to cackle or stroke them or just bask in all the lovely fanny fluff.

So whether you're a cloth veteran, or simply intrigued by the notion, I honestly urge you to buy a couple, maybe a few different lengths and absorbancies, and to just treat yo' self. Honestly, your vajayjay will thank you.

Monday, 21 September 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting - Zion Lights. A review!

When I was offered the chance to read The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting, I jumped at the chance. Green parenting is what I aim for, it keeps me grounded and sane, and makes me feel like I'm really making a difference, to both my son and the environment. This book lived up to my expectations and then some. It was lovely for me to finally read a parenting book that focuses on the bigger picture, not just sleeping patterns and eating, but on impact both emotionally and environmentally. To have a parenting book that considers the World, not just your house to me feels pretty rare. I felt accepted and inspired, and I'm sure it will have this affect on others.

The book has several chapters each with a different focus on various aspects of parenting. There are sections on the science behind green parenting, diet and nutrition, vaccines, and nappies, to name just a few. Each chapter is split up into easy to manage sections, all scientifically backed up, and links and references are at the end of each one. The end of each chapter also features a really handy summary of what was just written about, which is brilliant for refreshing your memory or if you're short on time.

The book is written simply, with a friendly reassuring tone. You're not made to feel uncomfortable if you're not doing everything suggested, unlike other parenting books that can make you feel like 'you're doing it wrong'. For me this is a real winner, nobody likes to be patronised or spoken down to especially during what can be considered as the most vulnerable time of your life.

I'd definitely recommend buying this book, for yourself and for any expectant friends. A clearly written, scientifically backed up, eco-friendly way of parenting condensed down into a wonderful book.

The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting is available to buy on Amazon